Duncan Puller

Managing Director, Strategy & Product

Duncan provides strategic direction for DāSTOR, focusing on upgrading tools and technology that enable simple, scalable products. He collaborates with thought leaders and develops innovative solutions for inclusion into DāSTOR’s portfolio, to drive better customer outcomes.

Prior to joining DāSTOR in 2021, Duncan held a variety of senior leadership roles within the data center, cloud, and network industries, designing and developing solutions that improved application performance and enabled customer success. He was VP of Cloud Strategy at Ciena, VP of Cloud Services at Sidera, Founder and COO at Nimbus Exchange, and VP of Solutions Engineering at SAVVIS / C&W. However, his foundational experience came at UUNET where he first learned about the importance of scalability.

Duncan holds a master’s degree in Telecommunication from George Washington University and a bachelor’s degree in Management Science from Virginia Tech.